Chihuahua Survives 3 Days With BBQ Fork In Brain


Here’s one dog you probably won’t find begging grill-side any time soon.
Smokey, a 12-week-old chihuahua puppy, ended up with a large barbecue fork in his brain after the utensil snapped in half on the grill, flew through the air, and impaled the poor puppy’s head, reports the Telegraph. The terrified pup then ran off into the woods, where he hid for two days.
When his owner Hughie Wagers finally found him, Smokey was taken straight to the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital, in London, Kentucky, where Michelle Duncum was on duty. Duncum said, “[W]hen he brought him in we couldn’t believe our eyes.”

X-rays showed that the fork was actually in the dog’s brain, so the vet, Dr. Keaton Smith, only gave Smokey a 50/50 chance of surviving its removal. The operation itself only took about 30 seconds — they just shaved Smokey’s head and pulled the fork out. Thankfully the pint-sized pup is recovering wonderfully.

“His nerve endings around the eye still seem to be a little slow but I think that will heal over time,” said Smith. “He really is a little miracle.”


Baboons Crazy Attack

Visitors to a UK safari park are being warned to look after their luggage, after a pack of baboons learnt how to open car rooftop boxes.Bosses at Knowsley Safari Park say they have now seen several instances of their baboons opening the luggage boxes and rummaging around inside.
The baboons have worked out that it one of them jumps up and down on the case till the lock breaks the others can then flip it open.As a result, some holiday makers have been forced to sit helplessly as they watched the cheeky monkeys grab their belongings – including hats, shoes and even dirty underwear – before waving them around in their enclosure.

monkey mess 1

Dog Found 9 Years On, 1,200 Miles Away

DOG found

Nine years after vanishing from outside her Australian family’s home, Muffy the dog was found alive and well this month in another backyard — 1,200 miles away — officials said Thursday.
Inspectors with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were investigating a possible animal cruelty case at a home in the southern city of Melbourne two weeks ago when they found the fluffy white mutt sleeping outside on a scrap of cardboard, Victoria state RSPCA spokesman Tim Pilgrim said.
A microchip in Muffy’s neck identified her owners, and, after a few days of searching for a current phone number, officials tracked down Natalie Lampard, who hadn’t seen Muffy since the pooch disappeared from her backyard in the eastern city of Brisbane nine years ago.

The World’s Most Endangered Parrot Adds 26 Chicks To Its Numbers


Just under 100 of New Zealand’s most endangered parrot, the kakapo remain but hopefully that number will increase thanks to the 26 hand-reared chicks that are returning to New Zealand. The baby chicks will spend six more weeks on a predator free island, Codfish Island living in an outdoor pen before returning to their natural habitat.
Kakapo lovers are depending on the 26 hand reared baby chicks born just 90 days ago to increase the dwindling kakapo number to 126 birds. Weighing in at nearly 5 pounds the kakapo is heaviest parrot in the world and it can’t fly at all. It’s also the only nocturnal parrot and as a result often called the owl parrot.

Uniquely Different Noses

Our furry, feathered and scaly friends come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their sniffers. From squashed and wrinkled to big and bulbous, these snouts are sure to garner a double take. Sure it’s impolite to stare, but with schnozzes like these, who can blame you?

star-nosed mole

Star-nosed mole

The star-nosed mole is native to eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. If you’ve never seen one, don’t be surprised; these critters spend most of their time digging underground tunnels. They use their wacky tentacled noses as feelers to find tasty worms and insects in the darkness.

Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey

The proboscis monkey swings through the trees of Borneo. Only males have the huge honker, which can reach up to 7 inches in length. The exaggerated sniffer actually attracts females, ’cause you know what they say about big noses… good scents!

100 Chihuahuas Found in Michigan Home

che 2

All 112 living Chihuahuas recovered from a bungalow where authorities found more than 150 dead dogs in freezers seem to be in adoptable condition, city officials said today.
Legal rights to the dogs still remain with 56-year-old Kenneth Lang Jr., but his lawyer said he doesn’t expect the dogs to return to his client, who has been undergoing evaluation since authorities entered his home Wednesday.

“Given the situation that they were in, these dogs are in good condition,” said lawyer James Schmier. “He would love to have the dogs back even though that doesn’t look possible.”


City spokeswoman Mary Laundroche said the city was hoping to hash out the legal details “sooner rather than later,” paving the way for adoption after hundreds visited the Dearborn Animal Shelter over the weekend, hoping to take one of the Chihuahuas home.
Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad expects the investigation to wrap up by the end of the week, according to a city statement. Based on conversations he had with Haddad, Schmier said he didn’t expect charges because police “are sensitive to Mr. Lang’s mental issues.” Schmier said his client Lang had a limited income and suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

G-Force Brings Guinea Pigs To Number 1 At The Box Office

From Run-Around wheels to the weekend box office, guinea pigs know exactly how to climb to the top. A crew of secret agent rodents topped the box office this weekend with the Disney effects-laden comedy “G-Force”.

g force

The 3-D animated flick brought in a whopping $32.2 million in the U.S. and Canada (that can buy a whole lot of alfalfa!), beating out “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” for the number one spot, according to the LA Times. “Studio executives who closely follow tracking had expected the movie to gross in the low to mid-$20 millions,” reports the paper.

“G-Force” stars voice overs by Nicolas Cage, Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz, and Sam Rockwell, plus human cameos by “Hangover” newcomer Zach Galifianakis and Will Arnett of “Arrested Development”. We’re happy to see that Hollywood has a new set of furry superheroes.


Hospice Nurse Says Pooch’s Lick Saved Her Life


Mary Phillips, a St. Louis hospice nurse, was lying on the floor of her office last October with a bad headache, hoping it would go away. Though co-workers urged her to go to the hospital, it wasn’t until a 7-year-old maltipoo named Jacque-Pierre — a co-worker’s in-office companion — arrived and began insistently licking her temple that she agreed to get checked.
“When Jacque started licking my head, the old hospice nurse in me said, ‘Uh-oh,’ ” Phillips, a 56-year-old patient care supervisor at BJC Hospice, tells PEOPLE Pets. Her inkling about the pooch’s animal instinct was right: She was subsequently diagnosed with a walnut-sized brain aneurysm.

Summer Pet Health Tips

dog summer 2

It’s that time of year again. With temperatures hitting record highs across the country, it’s important to know how to keep your pets healthy and happy in this hot weather.
Summertime can be as much fun for your pet as it is for you. But pet owners need to take some precautions to keep their animal companions happy, cool and safe during the dog days of summer. Pet expert Andrea Arden offers these important hot-weather tips.

dog summer

Sun protection
Many of the safety concerns we have for ourselves during the hottest months of the year also apply to our pets. Consistent use of sunscreen in order to avoid sun damage is as important for our pets as it is for us. This is especially important if your pet has short hair, white fur or pink skin. Talk to your veterinarian about choosing a sunscreen (most important to apply on ears and nose) and be sure to limit your pet’s sun exposure.

Online Dating For Orangutans?

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The internet has long been a hotbed for invention and innovation, but who didn’t see this one coming…

Looking for a hot babe

Looking for a hot babe

Online dating for orangutans. Well, not really dating but a system of webcams setup so that zoo keepers can how each orangutan interacts with others in order to determine future breeding partners. Man, those orangutans have it easy.


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