Importance of pets in human life ….

Pets & Animals have an enormous importance in our life. They have always been with us ever since there was life on this planet. Pets & Animals have survived and progressed with the human race. They also have helped humans in his journey from a wild animal to a civilized and cultured man.
In today’s modern world Pets have become an integral part of human life. Since the last century, man has discovered many modern and friendly techniques to train animals to his use. Many also have trained wildest beasts from the dark jungles and brought them to the civilized world of human beings for many reasons like help animals to multiply, help them survive from being hunt, to train them to entertain a large mob of people and so on.Pets like dogs are being trained to help old people to take a walk, get them mail, newspapers, guide them on roads etc. They are also being trained to take care of the little ones. Some breeds are experts in protecting our valuables. An ever growing demand of pets to protect us has transformed into a huge industry and contributes to the economy too. Growing demand for purest breed have made them as expensive as gold.
Cats may not be used in the same way but they could be very dear friends to the whole family. They may not add any value to your holdings but they are best to have them around when you need someone to hug you.
Man has discovered many ways to produce the best possible breed to cater his needs stated above. With the newest technology he has also been able to ‘duplicate’ an animal using a DNA. There are many institutions like World Wildlife to protect many rare species.
Let us all be very grateful to the animal kingdom for all the help they always have provided in developing us as a civilized species. Man would not be what he is today without these dear friend’s help.
I am also a pet lover.I wanted to something for them so I decided to start my blog about pets.In this blog I deals with all types of pets and their individual details.
This Blog is dedicated to all pet lovers in the world.
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Pet Airways opens for business today!!!!


A new airline is starting up service today: Pet Airways. It’s market niche comes in response to something most people traveling with companion animals have longed for for years: your companion gets to ride in the main cabin, rather than cargo.Most airlines have policies that allow animals under a certain size/weight limit to ride in small carriers under the seat. It can be a frustrating experience, even for owners of small cats and dogs, to try to book a ride for their companion, as the carriers generally will only allow a few animals per flight. Even if you are lucky enough to get one of those slots, your status on the plane seems to be only a notch or so above suspected terrorist as far as most of the other passengers and flight crew are concerned.
Of course, it’s even worse for people whose animals are relegated to the cargo hold, where notoriously the temperatures and even air pressure have not always been sufficiently maintained to support life.thousands of animals were dying every year as a result of inadequate air travel conditions. So enter Pet Airways. This is certainly an intriguing business proposition, although it is not without its caveats either. Perhaps most importantly, cabin service is ONLY for non-humans. In other words, you still can’t ride with your companion. (And no, they’re not letting people ride in the cargo hold.) You just book the ticket, and the cabin crew takes care of Fluffy during the flight. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, but without any restrictions on size, etc., this means that your little Pipsqueak will be riding on the same flight with Bruiser and Jaws. Ostensibly, the airline has precautions to keep Simba from eating Tweety for lunch on the cross-country flights, but well, you have to wonder… ? Hmm…….

Dog attack signals you should watch out for

• Shrill barking

• Teeth bared, with or without growling

• Hackles raised

• Staring directly in your eye

• Crouching with muscles tensed and with tail held rigid, possibly between the legs

• Standing with muscles tensed and with tail held rigid at ‘half-mast’

• Ears flattened

• Coming directly toward you with head lowered

• Attempting to circle and get behind you