Armadillo Orphan Get A Second Chance At Life

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Activist Kamilo Lara has made some young armadillos very happy. Born just a few days ago, the orphaned siblings — whose mother was killed by poachers — have gotten a second chance at life after Lara learned there was no room at the local zoo and decided to raise them himself at his home in Managua, Nicaragua. And he’s been feeding them milk formula from a little dropper, with the little guys lapping it up with their tiny, pointy tongues, Sky News reports.
It might seem strange to see a scaly creature drinking milk, but armadillos are indeed mammals. Armadillo moms always have four identical quadruplets, so their new dad must have a heck of a time telling these babies apart!

Lara, who plans to return his adopted armadillos to the wild in a couple of months when they’re big enough, is also working on restoring habitat for armadillos and wants to open a wildlife center. Who poaches armadillos and why? It’s not clear. Maybe they’d stop if they’d see these sweet, adorable babies.



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