Snuggie Attempts To Smother Your Dog In Style

Does your dog stare jealously at you as you effortlessly flip through a magazine and chat on the phone on a chilly night — all while bundled up in your Snuggie? Well, your dog’s day has come.
You may have thought you’d heard the last from the makers of the Snuggie, but alas the infamous company is back. Laughing off rumors that they stole the wearable blanket idea from rival, Slanket, the Snuggie has moved on, and by move on we obviously mean make a move on you dog.

Cashing in on the idea that pet owners love to dress up their dogs to look just like them, Snuggie has designed — what else — a wearable blanket for dogs. So go ahead, enshroud yourself and your pooch in gaudy blue fleece while you sit on the couch watching reruns of Two and a Half Men.



Cat Tree House

cat tree house

When first spotting these sleek kitty houses, I thought “how eco-tastic!” However, the trees are phonies. I guess it’s good from a possible poisoning standpoint, but can’t you imagine how sweet it’d be to have a real tree attached to a cat scratcher? Back to the product at hand — namely, two silk-leaved stalks in medium ($675) or large ($875). Even better than the real thing?

ps: not that gr8 for small kittens


Cat Escapes Death By Washing Machine


Most cat owners are used to their feline friends eagerly leaping into a basket full of soft, warm, and freshly laundered clothes. But one cat in Germany narrowly avoided a horrible final spin last week when he decided to spend the night in the washer.

As reported by the Associated Press, the cat, named Zoro, sneaked into his family’s loaded washing machine during the night. The next morning, the homeowner’s son started the wash without realizing the family pet was trapped inside. Worse, he must have been washing whites, because the water temperature was set to “hot,” and was due to reach 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fortunately, the boy’s mother heard Zoro causing a ruckus from inside the washer, yet was somehow unable to stop the machine herself. It looked like curtains for the poor kitty, but the woman called the fire department for help and officers arrived at the house within minutes to successfully rescue the cat from a watery, soapy, static-cling-free grave.

Zoro was rescued before the water temperature in the machine rose beyond 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and he was reported to be unharmed by the incident, though the fire department officers brought him to a veterinarian just to be sure. Zoro is set to be released from medical observation today.


Puiji And Naya Are Expecting

Puiji and Naya are expecting. The twenty-something beluga whales at Shedd Aquarium are pregnant, a facility official said, with calves expected to be born this fall.Shedd Aquarium beluga whales Puiji and Naya are expected to give birth this fall.


The pregnancies were confirmed through blood tests and ultrasound exams shortly after they returned to Shedd in May after a temporary relocation to an aquarium in Mystic, Conn., said Ken Ramirez, senior vice president of animal collections and training. The relocation was required as Shedd’s Oceanarium was renovated. But the movement appeared not to affect either expectant mother’s health.

“Both whales are healthy and their pregnancies are progressing normally,” Ramirez said.

This marks the third pregnancy for Puiji, 23, and the second for Naya, 20. They are two of the aquarium’s seven beluga whales.