Rebel with Pettattoos….


Remember when you were a pretty young thing, bristling on the edge of tween awkwardness and teenage… awkwardness?

Nothing decimates the wide-eyed innocence of childhood quite like the first time a prepubescent waltzes into a novelty store lined with blacklight posters and clip-on belly button rings. It’s here that every child realizes they have the chance to develop an attitude, a persona — via a rub-on tattoo.

Well, now that same experience has gone to the dogs.

Described as a “safe, fun, and non-toxic [way to] give them the voice they always wanted,” the Petattoo is a soft rubber foam stamp that gives your pup the same chance to brand himself a “Lil’ Devil,” “Butt Sniffer,” or “Poop Machine,” as you may have once done yourself. Replete with an ergonomic handle meant to make the stamps “easy to use” (although, really, how hard could it be?), the reusable Petattoos come off easily with just water and paper towel, promising Fido’s humiliation be only a temporary.

Just be careful; the next thing you know, your pooch will be coming home way after curfew.


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