Pet Detectives For Jessica Simpson's Dog

DOG Dete

Professional pet detectives are assisting in the search for Daisy, a Maltese-poodle mix belonging to Jessica Simspon, who was abducted by a coyote — before the singer’s own eyes — , reports 3News. But instead of hunting on foot, the pet detectives are working the phone, a pet locater service, offered to help Simpson free of charge by broadcasting a “lost pet alert” telephone message to 1,000 homes in the Los Angeles neighborhood where Daisy went missing, reports Us Magazine.

“We’re kind of an AMBER alert for missing pets. We took the address of where Daisy went missing and we used that as a bulls-eye,” Colleen Busch of told Us Magazine. “We called 1,000 neighbors in the surrounding area [Wednesday morning] and sent out a 30-second message with details about Daisy and her disappearance, and details on how to get in touch with Jessica’s assistant.”

The service typically costs $175. offers a range of “alert packages” allowing owners of lost or stolen pets to hire the company to broadcast a message to 250 neighbors for $75, or up to 10,000 neighbors for $875.

But the chances of recovering Daisy alive are not good, according to celebrity dog trainer, Jennifer McCarthy, who spoke to Us Magazine. “Unfortunately, if she saw the coyote take Daisy, the chances of it surviving are very slim. She’s probably not alive anymore,” McCarthy told Us Magazine. (Yikes! Remember what happened to Ozzy Osbourne’s dog who was killed by a coyote in Los Angeles?)

No doubt, Simpson is holding out hope for a miracle. “She was very appreciative and thankful we offered to help,” Busch



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