Is Caterack The Cat 30 Years Old ?

30 + cat

Way back in 1979, Alisa Morris adopted a 5-week-old feral kitten born near her mother’s house. Thirty years later, Caterack the cat is still kicking, reports People Pets.

When Caterack was born, Jimmy Carter was president and the Village People’s “YMCA” had just debuted on the charts. Five presidents and loads of bad songs later, the 30-year-old indoor cat — that’s 137 in cat years — is starting to show her age. She doesn’t hear so well these days, and she’s been blind in her left eye her entire life. But she still gets around. Caterack likes to dance to loud music on the stereo and comes running whenever the vacuum cleaner is on, Morris tells People Pets.

There must be something about the Lone Star state that breeds long-lived kitties. Caterack lives with Morris and her husband in Midlothian, Texas. The oldest cat ever recorded, according to the Guinness World Records, was Creme Puff, who hailed from Austin, Texas. Creme Puff died in 2005, three days after her 38th birthday.

Caterack has a few years to go before she can challenge Creme Puff’s title and she’s got competition — including Tizzie, of Lancashire County, England, who is purported to be 36. (Although there’s evidence that Tizzie may not be as old as her owner claims.)

Records aside, Morris says she counts her blessings that she’s had her beloved cat so long. “I’ve tried getting myself ready for when it’s her time and I even given [sic] my okay to her if it’s that time now,” she told People Pets. “I told her it’s okay, I’ll be okay.



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