Super Size Meeeeeee-oooow


Because having just a plain old cat won’t do, Brits are now breeding super cats.

What’s a Super Cat you ask? Take your average domestic cat, breed it with a wild exotic like a Savannah or a Geoffrey and you get a 35 lb. super-duper cat with claws, teeth and jaw muscles to match its hefty weight, reports the Daily Mail.Beyond the fact that a half-exotic could cause some serious harm to a child or small animal, you’d need a litter box the size of a sandbox!

Despite safety and litter box concerns, some breeders boast a six-month long waiting list and a price tag of almost $9,000 for a super kitten. Thankfully these cats are illegal in several U.S. states and Australia reports the Daily Mail.

Peter Neville of the Feline Advisory Bureau told the Daily Mail, “I would not be happy with a Savannah around a small child because of their genes and their size. They are going to do a lot more damage than a normal domestic cat. Their paws are bigger, they are stronger and they will bite deeper.”

But fans of these ferocious felines defend their exotic kitty cats. Donna Peyando, president of the Savannah Cat Club of Great Britain isn’t concerned, “There are no more safety concerns than for any other breeds,” she told the Daily Mail. “We always advise never, ever leave a cat alone with a child under five. For the sake of the cat and the child as well.”

Are they kidding?



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