Adopt A Virtual Pet!

vitual pet

Adopting a pet has never been so easy! With FooPets, pet lovers can adopt a realistic virtual puppy or kitten for free. FooPets, like real pets, teach you all about companionship and how to be a responsible pet owner. These life-like pets require food, water and love daily. FooPets can be completely personalized to be your own — you can pick their breed, name and even decorate their room or yard with a bed and furniture.

FooPets enable the user to develop a strong bond with their virtual companion. You can play Frisbee with your FooPuppy or a wind-up mouse game with your cat. Showing affection is easy too — just move your cursor over your virtual animal to pet him or her.

FooPets can “live” as long as real pets, if given the right amount of care. Your pet can also mate with other FooPets and make FooPet babies. If having more puppies or kittens will be too much work for you, spaying and neutering are available and you’ll be give FooKarma for being a responsible pet owner.FooPets are available on, Facebook, MySpace and iPhones.



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