Baby Tasmanian Devils At The Taronga Zoo


Somebody call Maury Povich: these Tasmanian Devils need to find their baby daddy! After these joeys (in Australia, “joey” can mean any baby animal) were born in captivity to mother Martha, Taronga Zoo zookeepers have narrowed down the possible father to Tex and Theo, the only other two devils with whom Martha could possibly have mated. Just remember, Tex and Theo: You have to be there for these babies no matter how much Martha sleeps around!

Tasmanian Devils are native to Tasmania, are endangered, are the largest carnivorous marsupial, and have the strongest bite of any living mammal. They also like to speak in gibberish, spin themselves into destructive tornadoes, and pester wise-cracking rabbits. As ferocious as they are, they’re still adorable, so make sure you ooh and ahh over each photo in this gallery.



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