Zookeepers' Plea For Help Over Bald Animal Mystery

bald bear

Two Spectacled Bears called Dolores and Lolita have gone almost totally bald, and their keepers do not know why. Staff at Leipzig Zoo in Germany have contacted their peers around the world to ask if any of them have seen the phenomenon and can offer a solution.The balding bears have lost their fur as the freezing German winter approaches.

The usual appearances of the creatures has prompted widespread speculation in the country as to why it might have happened.It has also drawn hundreds more visitors than usual to the zoo, in the eastern German city.This is not the first time that a zoo animal has lost its hair.In 2005, a baboon called Reggie had to grow back the hair on his head after his mother exercised her tongue too enthusiastically on his scalp and made him bald.

Reggie, who lives at Paignton Zoo in Devon, was named after the gangster Reggie Kray.



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