Expert Blames Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony in Dog Attack


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are in the doghouse. The power couple were sued in 2008 by flight attendant Lisa Wilson, who alleges that their military-trained German shepherd, Floyd, attacked her, causing her to fall and suffer a back injury so severe she can no longer work. Dr. Karen Overall, an animal-behavior expert consulted by Wilson’s team, wrote in a court document obtained by the New York Daily News that Lopez and Anthony knew beforehand that Floyd was a dangerous dog.

According to the Daily News, Overall wrote that “it is clear to me that Floyd, Mr. Anthony’s personal protection dog, behaved inappropriately, aggressively and in a manner that consistently endangered humans.” Overall works at the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania.
The incident occurred in 2006 aboard a private flight on a Gulfstream IV jet. Wilson had been instructed by Anthony not to make eye contact with the dog or to call it by name. Overall wrote that sharp objects were known to provoke Floyd, and Wilson was carrying silverware when she walked past the dog 90 minutes into the flight.

The newspaper reports that Lopez and Anthony’s legal team, meanwhile, will be consulting its own animal behavior expert for a second opinion on the dog.

Reps for the couple would not comment on the matter.



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