Amali, The Giraffe With A Crooked Neck Dies


The 5-year-old giraffe who arrived at the Tulsa Zoo last month with a bent neck has died.Zoo veterinarian Dr. Kay Backues said the animal had a broken growth plate in her neck, resulting in damage to her vertebrae, according to the Associated Press. She died shortly after being sedated for an X-ray procedure.

Known as Amali, the 11-ft.-tall female giraffe was intended to breed with a male at the zoo. She had arrived Oct. 18 from Ohio’s Wilds, along with another female. That was when zoo authorities discovered her injury.Zoo spokesman Angela Evans said that staff had been providing Amali with ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs and mild muscle relaxants. Just a week ago the giraffe was “getting around fine,” according to Evans.

“She’s just an amazing animal,” Evans said. “So curious and such a puppy-like quality.”On Thursday, a team from the Oklahoma State Veterinary Health Sciences — including an equine surgeon and a radiologist — helped take X-rays, according to Oklahoma’s The procedure went smoothly, but once finished, the giraffe’s condition deteriorated rapidly despite emergency treatment.



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