Wally The Orphaned Gibbon Isn't Too Big for His Britches … Yet


Wally the baby gibbon is so small, even tiny baby pants don’t fit him yet! But he’s growing up fast — the month-old ape was recently learning to use his lower limbs with the help of Christina Schneider, his new surrogate mom.Wally’s real mother Tatiana, a female gibbon at the Schwerin Zoo in Germany, was experiencing a smooth, normal labor. But after she’d given birth, she licked her baby and rejected her young.

Luckily, the zoo swooped in and provided the newly-orphaned Wally with a substitute, Schneider, who cares for the little guy day and night at home, according to the Daily Mail, and who will continue to help feed Wally for the next five months.The tiny ape has done so well that he’s now making daily trips to the zoo to get acquainted with his gibbon friends. He’ll outgrow those pants in no time!



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