J-Lo's Former Pooch A Lovebug Not A Menace New Owners Say


Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is being sued in Brooklyn Federal Court by a stewardess who claims that J-Lo’s former guard dog, a German shepherd named Floyd, attacked her on a private jet in 2006. But Floyd’s new owner, “West Wing” actress NiCole Robinson, told the New York Daily News that she was flabbergasted to hear about the lawsuit, and promises she will go to court to defend the dog’s reputation.

Robinson and her husband, political consultant Craig Snyder, bought Floyd from a K-9 security firm in South Carolina in 2007 after they were frightened by a home break-in. They paid $35,000 for the dog, who received military training in Germany and whose full name is Floyd vom Meierhof. Lopez’s husband Marc Anthony had bought the dog for $39,000 in 2005 and had returned him to the company.

According to the Daily News, the new owners’ 4-year old daughter rides happily atop Floyd’s ample and furry back.

But when it comes to protecting the family, Floyd means business.

“He’s under very strict rules of engagement,” Snyder told the Daily News. “The training was remarkable.” But off-duty, Snyder says, “Floyd acts like a big baby puppy who just wants to be loved.”



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