Crocodiles Jump Out Of The Water For Food


The saltwater crocs were snapped flying high above the Adelaide River in Darwin, Australia, put on the show for amazed tourists, as guides on a sightseeing boat dangled a steak on the end of a stick above their heads.The pictures were taken by tourists during a Jumping Crocs tour, on the Adelaide River in Darwin, Australia. One photographer, Jon Clark, 38, who is originally from Leeds, said: “It’s really an amazing sight.

“People don’t often realise crocodiles can jump like this, but they can propel themselves all the way out of the water if they want to.”It certainly is very impressive to see.”The guides warned everyone to keep their hands well inside the boat, then got out stick with meat attached to the end of them to lure the crocs closer.

“The crocs are wild, but of course they have got used to the boats coming out and know what to do to get food.”The guides dangle the meat close to their heads until they leap up to get it. Then they pull it away quickly to encourage the crocs to jump higher and higher.”When I was there, we saw about 10 or 11 crocs jumping out of the water. If you’re really lucky you might even see the crocs trying to snatch a white-bellied sea eagle out of the air when they come down to grab food.

“It was quite a sight and I’m just glad I managed to catch it on camera.”



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