New York Dog Is First Confirmed U.S. Case Of Canine Swine Flu

A New York dog caught swine flu from his owner in the first confirmed canine case of the disease in the United States.
The 13-year-old pooch was brought to a Westchester County animal hospital Dec. 13 after days of coughing and fever, American Veterinary Medical Association spokesman Michael San Filippo said Tuesday.

The owner said he had been suffering from swine flu, so the dog was tested for H1N1 by two labs – and the results were positive.”It was kind of surprising but we have seen cases in cats so we knew the potential is there,” said San FilippoThe dog, a mixed-breed male, was hospitalized for a couple of days, received medication and fluids and is doing better, he said.

A few unconfirmed cases of H1N1 in dogs have been reported in China, but this is the first time the virus has been detected in an American pooch.The virus also has been found in cats, ferrets and a few other animals, suggesting it can be transferred from humans to animals.



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