The Last Known Wild Tiger In China Killed And Eaten By Villagers


The last wild Indochinese tiger in China was killed and eaten by a man who was yesterday sentenced to 12years’jail.Kang Wannian, a villager from Mengla, Yunnan Province, came across the tiger in February while gathering freshwater clams in a nature reserve near China’s border with Laos.He claimed to have killed it in self-defence.The only known wild Indochinese tiger in China, photographed in 2007 at the same reserve, has not been seen since Kang’s meal, the Yunnan-based newspaper Life News reported earlier this month.

A local court sentenced Kang to 10 years for killing a rare animal plus two years for illegal possession of firearms.Prosecutors said Kang did not need a gun to gather clams.Four villagers who helped Kang dismember the tiger and ate its meat were also sentenced from three to four years for ‘covering up and concealing criminal gains’, the report said.

Kang was also fined £56,000.The Indochinese tiger is on the brink of extinction, with fewer than 1,000 left in the forests of Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.Elsewhere, police said eight tigers and a lioness belonging to a Russian travelling circus died during a 20-hour truck journey across Siberia.Police in the Siberian region of Yakutia say the animals were dead when they arrived early this morning in the city of Yakutsk.

An investigation is underway.

An employee of the private Mechta circus based in the southern city of Krasnodar says the Indian tigers and lioness suffocated because of poor ventilation on the heated truck.The news portal showed photographs of the dead tigers, one piled on top of another in a cage.The animals were last seen alive in the city of Neryungri, 510 miles from Yakutsk.


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