Rear Gear Relieves Anal Pet Parents


You and your pup hit the dog run only to have Fido completely ignored by his canine companions because of his unsightly, um, back door.

This scenario may have never happened to you, or anyone else for that matter, but that hasn’t stopped a 23-year-old senior civil engineering student from starting Rear Gear. According to Rear Gear’s product page on Etsy, these decorative butt-covers offer a “cheerful solution” for you pet’s “un-manicured backside.”

The $5 cardboard placards can be tied to your dog’s tail like a bizarre little ornament that conveniently hangs in front of your pet’s “area.” The placards come in a variety of designs, from a biohazard logo to a first-place ribbon. You can even order custom designs.

And if you do, please let us know how the dog park crowd responds.



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