Cosmetic Surgery For Pooches …..Oh Yaa


Remember when your Aunt got a little nip/tuck done on her face in hopes of snagging that nice man at the party ? Sometimes, getting a little work done really is necessary, and there’s no better example of that than Roland, an abandoned shar pei in Australia.

You see, Roland’s wrinkles actually caused his eyelashes to turn inward and scratch his eyes, a condition called entropion which can cause blindness, reports the Sydney Daily Telegraph. This is not an uncommon problem for the breed, but, fortunately, there’s a fix — a full face lift and double eye lift at a cost of nearly $1,000, which is exactly what the RSPCA did for the wrinkly canine.

Now, Roland is considerably more adoptable because potential owners aren’t facing that major financial burden upon taking the pup home, RSPCA chief vet Magdoline Awad tells the Telegraph. Paws crossed, this means Roland’s tail, erm, tale, will have a happy ending!



Elephants Through Ante-Natal Classes


With perfect precision and poise, this is a heavyweight dance line-up that would impress Arlene Phillips.But there’s a serious purpose to the act, as this band of pregnant elephants are exercising as part of their zoo’s ante-natal classes.
The mums-to-be have to do a daily workout as well as being walked by their keepers three to five miles each day to stay in trim.The routine is so popular that two baby elephants, Tarak and Shanti on the furthest right, have joined in the fun as well.

The elephants are expected to give birth between April and November this year at their zoo in Hanover, Germany.
Meanwhile in Australia, Dr Thomas Hildebrant was flown in from Berlin to oversee the final days of Asian elephant Dokkoon’s pregnancy.Zoo keeper Steve Blanchard also took Dokkoon through some birthing exercises during the final stage of her pregnancy.


Gay-Then-Straight Penguin Sick With Respiratory Infection


It’s hard to believe that leaving a famously homosexual partnership for a female wasn’t the drama to end all dramas in Harry the penguin’s life. Over the weekend, the San Francisco Examiner reported that the San Francisco Zoo’s most famous Magellanic penguin had fallen ill with an infection that can be fatal.

A few weeks ago, zookeepers noticed that Harry’s appetite had diminished, a big indicator of his physical state. He was also coughing, and was eventually diagnosed with aspergillosis, a respiratory infection caused by ever-present mold spores in the environment.

Harry left the colony on Penguin Island to receive treatment, and in keeping with the zoo’s policy of giving penguins in treatment a buddy, was joined by his new partner Linda. The zoo’s curator of birds, Harrison Edell,said that both birds are very adaptable, and have adjusted well to the change. Linda is “being a penguin,” and Harry is improving gradually.

Panda Cub Yun Zi Debuts At San Diego Zoo


Upside-down, right-side-up, backwards, forwards — no matter which way panda cub Yun Zi posed , he looked adorable! The 5-month-old made a mini-debut , greeting photographers and reporters for an hour of play before retreating to a hammock for a snooze. “I’d say we had more than 20 members of the media in attendance,” zoo publicist Jenny Mehlow There is definitely panda paparazzi!”

Yun Zi, will spend three hours each morning in a “baby-proof” exhibit until his climbing gets better, says Mehlow. Then, along with mom Bai Yun, he’ll eventually be moved to one of the zoo’s primary panda exhibits to hang out with siblings Su Lin and Zhen Zhen.

While there’s no guarantee Yun Zi will appear in his exhibition space each morning — it’s adjacent to a secluded den — members of the San Diego Zoo’s panda team say he’s been stepping out regularly during the day to explore.

Dozen Chihuahuas Fly From San Francisco To New YorkTo Find Homes

The 15 animals are flying in the main cabin of Virgin America flights scheduled to leave from San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday morning.Officials from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will meet the animals at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and help find them homes.

San Francisco animal control officials say Chihuahuas are in abundance at California animal shelters, but the breed is in demand in other states, including New York.

Experts said pop culture is to blame for the overpopulation of the dogs in California, with fans imitating Chihuahua-toting celebrities like Paris Hilton.