Panda Cub Yun Zi Debuts At San Diego Zoo


Upside-down, right-side-up, backwards, forwards — no matter which way panda cub Yun Zi posed , he looked adorable! The 5-month-old made a mini-debut , greeting photographers and reporters for an hour of play before retreating to a hammock for a snooze. “I’d say we had more than 20 members of the media in attendance,” zoo publicist Jenny Mehlow There is definitely panda paparazzi!”

Yun Zi, will spend three hours each morning in a “baby-proof” exhibit until his climbing gets better, says Mehlow. Then, along with mom Bai Yun, he’ll eventually be moved to one of the zoo’s primary panda exhibits to hang out with siblings Su Lin and Zhen Zhen.

While there’s no guarantee Yun Zi will appear in his exhibition space each morning — it’s adjacent to a secluded den — members of the San Diego Zoo’s panda team say he’s been stepping out regularly during the day to explore.

Yun Zi’s already attracted quite a bit of attention on the Internet, where fans have been able to see him on the zoo’s “Panda Cam.” More than 17,500 people also voted on his name — which means “son of a cloud” — during a four-day contest. (Mom Bai Yun’s name means “white cloud.”)

San Diego Zoo CEO Douglas Myers says he’s “thrilled” that zoo visitors have an opportunity to meet the charismatic little cub. “We expect Yun Zi, who already has thousands of followers across the globe, to become an ambassador to conservation,” he says. “He’s one of the many animals here helping to connect people to wildlife.”



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