Electric Ray Gives Birth To 16 Babies


It is believed to be the first time the marbled electric ray – which can give a shock almost as strong as mains power – has given birth in captivity in Britain.

The baby rays are in good health and feeding happily on slivers of squid in a nursery tank at Brighton Sealife Centre in Brighton, East Sussex. The mother was delivered to the centre in September by a local fisherman who was surprised to find the ray among his catch.

Marbled electric rays, or Torpedo marmorata, are usually found in the Mediterranean.Curator Alex Gerrard said: “She settled in well, but started to go off her food mid-way through December.”We were worried she might be ill but realise now it was because she was ready to go into labour.”The mum is the size of a large dinner plate and her babies are each as big as the bottom of a coffee cup.



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