Lioness And Buffalo Caught On Camera


Passengers driving through Kruger National Park, in South Africa, watched as the determined lioness tried to bring down the buffalo bull on her own.The pair were so engrossed in their eight hour-long battle that they crossed just feet from cars treating motorists to a grandstand view of the gladiatorial conflict.Famous for doing most of the hunting the lioness was even watched from the sidelines by a large male who did nothing to help her.
The scene was captured on film by tourist Muhammed Patel.

The 24-year-old business owner said: “It was just like watching a wildlife documentary unfold before your very eyes, except this time we were in it too.”They were just feet from the cars, but neither of them seemed to notice the people, they were just determined to fight each other.

“I have never seen a lioness so determined to kill this bull even though she was all alone, and the cheeky pride male was just watching from the grass.”According to witnesses, the buffalo had been targeted by a group of lionesses but had fought all of them off bar one.The drama unfolded on the Orpen Road which is the main route through the world famous park.

Mr Patel, who was at the park on holiday with his family, said: “I have seen leopard and cheetah hunting but not a lion, and never anything this close up.”I felt sorry for the buffalo as it was injured by the morning attack but was excited to see how nature works at its best.

“There were three attacks that occurred while we there, it was like an attack would happen and then they would get tired and it seemed to us mutually agree to have a break before another attack took place.

African buffalo bulls can weigh up to a tonne and have been known to kill lions even when attacked by large groups.



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