Treating Tear Stains


Examine and clean your pets eyes weekly. Gentle cleaning with a natural product like Halo Herbal Eye Wash helps open clogged tear ducts and may help prevent irritation and infection that can be painful and possibly lead to loss of vision. Learn more about proper eye care for your pet:

The Importance of Proper Eye Care.

Usually antibiotics or other medications are not necessary to treat tear stains. It is important to determine if there is an underlying eye problem that may be causing the problem before beginning any tear stain treatment plan. Many times eyelid or eyelash abnormalities can be fixed or the tear ducts flushed and the problem resolves naturally.

Normally, tears flow over the surface of the eye and into the tear duct in the corner of the eyelids. Common problems that can cause tear staining include:

• Excess tear production. For example, if the eye is experiencing irritation–from an allergy, foreign particle or an abnormal eyelid or eyelash–the eye tries to protect itself by producing more tears. The normal drainage system is overwhelmed and tears spill out and leads to stains.

• Abnormal eye drainage system. Cocker Spaniels commonly experience eyelid abnormalities (ectropion, entropion), eyelash problems or blockages of the tear ducts which can result in tears spilling out instead of draining properly. Any previous trauma or scarring of the eyelids can also block normal drainage. Some pets are just born with a defective drainage system.




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  1. John Katz
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 14:59:31

    The best thing about technology is that it generally gets better as the years progress, and in the world of duct cleaning, this is something that is quite welcomed in most cases.


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