World's Oldest Dog Otto Dies


Even for a sausage dog, it was an extraordinarily long stretch.Otto, the oldest dog in the world, died today just 31 days short of his 21st birthday – in ‘dog years’ he was 146.The dachshund-terrier cross was playful to the end, his owners said, but had to be put down because of a tumour in his stomach.Peter Jones, 68, said he and his wife Lynn, 53, were devastated by the loss.

Describing his pet’s final day, Mr Jones, of Shrewsbury said: ‘He slept in my bed. He woke up in the morning and he gave me the usual kiss.’I was having a bath, he wanted to play, and he brought me his ball. But as soon as I bounced it a couple of times he went to sleep again.’The retired sales manager added: ‘It’s devastating. He was like a son. My wife is still crying.’

‘Dog years’ are generally reckoned by multiplying each human year by seven. Mr Jones said: ‘He would have been 147 next month.’Born on Valentine’s Day 1989, Otto was officially crowned the most senior canine in the world by the Guinness Book of Records last October. Proof of his age was established by inoculation certificates from his vets.

But on Wednesday a vet recommended that he be put down, and Mr and Mrs Jones said friends and neighbours came to pay their final respects.The couple, who have been married for nine years, attributed Otto’s longevity to ‘plenty of love, plenty of good food and regular check-ups at the vet’s’.Mr Jones added: ‘We have had messages of condolence from people all over the world.’Damian Field, a spokesman for the Guinness Book of Records, said: ‘We’d like to express our condolences for Otto and his owners.’The oldest ever dog was Bluey, a sheepdog from Australia, who lived to 29 years and five months before he was put down in 1939.



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