70 Year Old Tortoise Entertains Zoo Visitors With Sexual Behaviour


An amorous tortoise aged 70 has been entertaining visitors at a zoo thanks to his public displays of affection ‘Dirty Dirk’, the Galapagos tortoise, who weighs 31 stone, has been paying particular attention to Dolly, 14, and Dolores, 10.Sebastian Grant, Giant Tortoise keeper at London Zoo, said: “He’s called Dirk because he was so amorous from the moment he got here – literally minutes. “We named him after Dirk Diggler of Boogie Nights. He’s earned his name, and he’s quite willing to go as long as the girls will let him.”

Zookeepers were initially shocked by Dirk’s carnal acts outside of the traditional breeding season.Mr Grant added: “We thought it would be more seasonal, but Dirk was kept away from females in his last enclosure because there was another dominant male.
“Now he’s here and he’s the top male so he’s making the most of it.”Dirk was caught from the wild Galapagos islands in 1962 and transferred to London Zoo from Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands.Zookeepers are encouraging Dirk’s behaviour because his gene pool is prized for a species that is critically endangered.Mr Grant said that warmer weather makes Dirk more frisky, and hopes the summer may bring baby tortoises to the zoo.



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