7 Expert Tips For Planning A Doggie Wedding


Thinking of throwing a doggie wedding? From the simple to the extravagant, there’s definitely more than one way to celebrate your furbaby’s nuptials. We consulted pet style guru Dara Foster and Beverly Hills Mutt Club boutique owner Sandy Siegler, both seasoned in the doggie wedding world, to get their advice on the planning basics. Whether you were inspired by our photo gallery of blissful couples or the recent uptick in the popularity of canine unions, keep these handy tips in mind:

1. Plan ahead. Like you would for a human wedding, give yourself at least a few months to make arrangements, like hiring a muttrimonial minister, ordering your doggie wedding cake, putting together a gift bag of party favors and sending out invitations (Foster suggests sending them a few months in advance).

2. Choose a dog-friendly location, preferably outdoors. Both Foster and Siegler like beaches, parks and backyards during warm weather months.

3. With this ring…? No need to trek to Tiffany’s! In lieu of wedding rings, Foster says that doggie weddings tend to involve the exchange of matching collars or custom name tags.

4. When nature calls, be ready for it. Have plenty of poop bags and assign someone as designated scooper. If you’re throwing an indoor wedding, set up a potty break area.

5. Keep the guest list small. Siegler recommends keeping the number of dogs to about a dozen. If you have a strong desire for a larger party, make sure to invite well-behaved dogs that are kept on leash at all times.

6. Limit the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen to three or four each.
Just like in human weddings, having too many canines in a wedding party can spell chaos. “Dogs are notoriously unfaithful and you don’t want the bride running off with the golden retriever with great muscle tone,” Foster jokes.

7. Remember, it’s just for fun! “People really get into it. My customers take it very seriously,” Siegler says. “They want everything perfect. They’ll say, ‘Oh, no, my dog won’t wear pink.’ ” But don’t take things over the top. In the end, it’s a nice party you’re throwing for you and your dogs — no use losing sleep over that!



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