The Five-Day-Old Lamb Who Was Born With A REAL Black Belt


He may be just a few days old, but this unusually marked lamb is clearly one to be reckoned with.Named Miyagi after fictional martial arts expert Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid films, he was born five days ago with a thick belt of black wool around his middle.Farmer William Herbert said: ‘I’ve been farming for over 50 years but I’ve never seen anything like this before.Some lambs have a spot of discoloured wool, but it’s very unusual to see a full thick stripe. It goes all the way around. It looks like I’ve gone out to him with a paint brush.


‘He’s one of a set of triplets but he won’t be treated any differently to his brother and sister. They don’t have any markings on them – he’s the odd one out.’ Mr Herbert, who also keeps cows at Woodwell House Farm, Durham, said it’s not certain Miyagi will keep his black belt.He said: ‘Some sheep with slight discolouration lose it when they get older.’This little one’s stripe feels more like hair than wool though. We won’t know whether he’ll keep it until he starts to grow.’



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stanka
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 14:49:46

    wow that Lamb is a cutie! hope he doesnt have to go to theabbatoir!


  2. holly
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 14:50:44

    ahhh THE cutest picture ive seen all day


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