White Lion Cub Stands Out at South African Sanctuary


A 2-week-old lion cub in South Africa has fleece as white as snow — not to mention unparalleled cuteness! Born to mom Sahara and dad Alex, the toothless little one, named Lilly, is currently growing up at the Mystic Monkeys & Feathers Wildlife Park near the city of Pretoria, where she greets visitors daily.

Just one of a handful of white lions found around the world, Lilly is a rare mutation of the common African breed. Though she’s not albino — her eyes and skin have normal pigmentation — white lions like her have a hard time surviving in the wild because they don’t blend into the scenery.Luckily for Lilly, she doesn’t have to worry about any outside threats. Instead, she’s living the life in her sanctuary, reportedly sleeping in her keeper’s bed at night and drinking 10 bottles of kitten milk each day. Sign us up!



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