Rascal : World's Ugliest Dog Again!


He’s been called Hairless Potter by some, Space Alien by others, but Rascal’s favorite title might be World’s Ugliest Dog.
The naturally hairless, mostly-toothless Chinese Crested’s ugliness dominance has just been cemented by his recent win at the 15th Annual Ugly Dog Contest in Del Mar, Calif., and with that crown, Rascal may beat out his own grandfather to have the most Ugliest Dog titles in the Guiness Book of World Records.

At Sunday’s contest, hosted by the Del Mar Kiwanis Club, a panel of five judges awarded Rascal a score of 49 out of 50. Contest founder Sheila McDonnell said it was a surprise that Rascal won, because he’d entered in the past four contests and had been bested by other uglies.”He actually had some pretty decent competition this year, too,” McDonnell “I was actually excited that Rascal finally won.”

Rascal’s owner, actor Dane Andrew, has been showing his family’s Chinese Cresteds for 33 years. The family dynasty includes Rascal’s grandfather Chi Chi, who had eight ugly dog titles, Rascal’s grandmother Lady Pink and mother Mai Tai, both of whom had 3 titles.Andrew, 45, says that Rascal, who is endearing and sweet-natured, feels “pretty thrilled and surprised. We traveled close to 500 miles to do this event. This was just Rascal’s year, I guess.”

Rascal has a budding movie and television career, and boasts his own IMDb page. He uses his fame to give back to animal charities and shelters whenever he can.Andrew hopes to make a Rascal, Jr. at some point, hopefully to carry on the line of ugly dogs with a fifth champion.”We’ll have to find him a suitable mate, someone who’s willing to have Rascal,” Andrew says. “He scares off a lot of his girlfriends.



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