11 Big Cats Are Found Starving To Death In China Zoo


This painfully emaciated tiger is the shocking face of China’s illegal trade in tiger bones.The image of the caged animal emerged after11 Siberian tigers were found starving to death in a scandal-plagued Chinese zoo.The Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo, which has been closed down by police, has been accused of illegally supplying tiger bones to local doctors who use them to brew traditional medicines.

But it is not the only place where tigers in China are in danger.The image of the tiger above was taken in the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Park in Guilin City, China, where 1,400 tigers are kept in a space the size of Regents Park.A source said that tigers there are slowly starving as food rations are slashed to pay to run refrigerators keeping the animal’s body parts fresh to sell on the black market.Trade in the bones is banned – but the parts from one tiger can fetch up to £50,000 on the black market.


Bunny: Torched In His Hutch By Drunk Woman During Family Argument


Cowering in fear, his fur scorched, this is a traumatised rabbit just minutes after a heartless yob set him alight.He was left badly burned and blistered when Katey Barber torched his hutch after drinking seven cans of lager.The 22-year-old had been burning clothes belonging to her mother’s partner in the garden before turning her attention to the rabbit.She prodded the terrified animal with a stick before throwing a burning piece of paper into its hutch and shutting the door.

When friends and family tried to intervene Barber swore at them and locked them inside the house.Barber was then seen laughing and said: ‘Look, the rabbit’s running around on fire,’ before eventually pouring water on the animal to put out the flames.Vets who examined the rabbit, named Bunny, said he could be permanently scarred by the attack, which happened last September. He may need to have part of one ear amputated and has been left terrified of any human contact.


Iggy: Missing Labrador Pet Dog Returns Home After Five Years


A girl, Brierley Howard, has been reunited with her pet dog, Iggy, almost five years after it vanished. The 12 year-old was overjoyed when she was told that Iggy the labrador had turned up 130 miles away.Iggy was an 18-month-old puppy when he disappeared in August 2005. Brierley and her brother Jasper, now 14, were devastated. Their mum and dad Karen and Eric believed he had been stolen.

But the family, from Balladen, in Rawtenstall, Lancs, are celebrating after Iggy was spotted wandering the streets in Leicester and taken to a vet.The vet discovered Iggy was fitted with a microchip and he has now been reunited with Brierley and her family.

Fashion Designer Turns Roadkill Into Hats


James Faulkner, an aspiring fashion designer, has used the wings, feathers and furs of animals killed on roads to create an entire range of headgear. Mr Faulkner, 27, of Edinburgh, will exhibit his 36 animal hats under the spotlight rather than the headlights at a fashion show in May.The feathers or furs of foxes, magpies, rabbits, wood pigeons, pheasants, mallards, crows and peacocks make up the centrepiece of his creations.

The show on May 14 will mark the end of his 18-week milliners course at Edinburgh’s Telford College, and will display his range of hats along with those of other students.Mr Faulkner, who originally started making the hats in May 2009, said: “It sounds very sinister, but I find it very satisfying to make something beautiful from something gruesome.”It started when my friend wanted to buy a hat for her wedding. Without thinking, I said I’d make one, then I instantly panicked, but one day I was walking along the road and I spotted a magpie in quite a sorry state.