Crufts Champion Breeder Banned From Kennel Club Over Threats To Dog Show Judge


The breeder whose dog was crowned champion of the canine world at Crufts this month has been banned from next year’s competition for threatening a judge at another show. Moray Armstrong, 63, was jubilant when Yogi, his Hungarian vizsla, was named Best In Show at Crufts on March 14.

But just four days later the Kennel Club had banned him from all its events for a year after he threatened a judge who placed the same dog second at the Welsh championship last August. The breeder, who is a judge himself, had told Rachel Herbert that he would make sure she never judged another competition after denying his dog the coveted Best In Show title, the Kennel Club’s disciplinary committee heard.

Mr Armstrong, from Cargo Beck in Cumbria, admitted telling Mrs Herbert that her credibility would suffer and that she would be unlikely to judge again after placing his dog second.The committee disqualified Mr Armstrong from attending or taking part in Kennel Club events, as well as judging them, for a year. It also fined him £500 and ordered him to pay costs of £1,210.

A statement from the Kennel Club said: “We recognise it is essential that those showing dogs at events such as this maintain respectful standards in the treatment of judges and their decisions.
“In this instance, Mr Armstrong’s behaviour fell well below those standards. This was a repeated incident.”

The statement quoted Mr Armstrong as admitting he had causing Mrs Herbert “undue upset and distress”.He said: “I … accept that when my dog was placed second by Mrs Herbert, given its championship history, I was surprised by the decision and I accept that I made some unguarded and inappropriate remarks which were discreditable and prejudicial to the interests of the canine world.”



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