Osprey Travels 10,000 Miles To Roost


A male osprey has flown 10,000 miles to come back to the woodland in Northumbria where he started a family. The bird was caught on camera at the nest site built on a high tree platform in Kielder Water and Forest Park – the first sighting since he left in August.The Kielder Partnership said the bird last year fathered the first three chicks to be born in Northumberland in more than 200 years and is now preparing for the return of his female counterpart.Ospreys by nature are generally monogamous and strongly faithful both to nest and mate, so rangers at the park hope the female bird will be back in the next few days from her winter sojourn in sub-Saharan Africa.

Malte Iden, forestry commission ranger, said staff were ”absolutely thrilled” to see the male safely back at the park.He said: ”He’s undertaken a mammoth round trip journey of 10,000 miles since he left Kielder in August.”So far he’s been doing some tidying up on the nest making sure everything is just right for the arrival of his partner. She’s obviously quite house proud.”

Neville Geddes, from the Forestry Commission, said if the romance between the two birds of prey goes to plan they will be on a tight schedule to raise their chicks.Females lay two or three eggs at one to three day intervals which are incubated for 37 days per egg.Mr Geddes said: ”They have until early September to mate, produce chicks and teach the offspring to fish for themselves before going their separate ways and heading south.”

The Kielder Partnership hopes to organise a viewing area with the RSPB and Northumberland Wildlife Trust so visitors will be able to view the aerial courtship display between the birds and watch them feeding on fish from the Kielder Water, managed by Northumberland Water.

Meanwhile, views of the nest will be streamed live to Kielder Castle from 10am to 4pm every day and the footage is also being broadcast in the Dukes Pantry Tea Room at the castle.


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