Dalmatian Horse Spotted


A horse with the markings of a Dalmatian dog has been discovered running wild in DevonThe young horse, who was born to a chocolate brown mare, is a British spotted pony whose father shares the same unusual colouring.Perhaps rather predictably named Spotty, he was born just over a week ago at Wembury Point, near Plymouth although his family usually grazes on Dartmoor.

British spotted ponies have a variety of colour types including white spots on a dark background which are known as “snowflake”.Spotty’s black spots on a white background are known as “leopard spot”.The markings were a natural camouflage for ponies roaming the heaths and forests of ancient Britain and are included in several Stone Age paintings and on ancient manuscripts.During Roman times the horses were presented to important officers as a sign of their power. Around 170 are born in Britain every year.



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