Laska The Dog Plays Mom To Two Baby Boars


Call it motherly instinct: A dog named Laska in Hamburg, Germany, has taken to two tiny wild boar babies, after both were found abandoned in nearby forests. Walkers separately spotted the pint-sized females, now named Alice and Emma, and dropped them with the Heckers, a local family known for rehabilitating ailing creatures.

But this time, it wasn’t the family members who nursed the animals to health; instead Laska, an Alsatian mix, stepped in and took charge. According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, both Alice and Emma were severely malnourished, and too small to stay warm through the night. Realizing this, Laska made it her mission to keep them going, cuddling up to them in the evenings, cleaning them with her tongue and even picking them up when they topple over.

Since boars can grow to up to 200 lbs. as adults, the Heckers, who have ties to a local wildlife preserve, may have to give them up once they’re bigger. But luckily for Laska, the babies still need her care — and she seems happy to oblige.



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