78-Year-Old Arkansas Man Fights To Keep Pet Pig

An Arkansas man has asked a judge to decide the fate of his arthritic pet potbellied pig, Joker.Less than a week after Wilferd Kallhoff, 78, moved to a subdivision in Mountain Home, Ark., police told him the pig had to go because the city prohibits hogs and other farm animals, the Baxter Bulletin reports.

A trial is set for June 29.Joker, a Swedish potbellied pig who weighs about 200 pounds, is a well-mannered pet, Kallhoff tells Paw Nation. He spends his days inside a four-foot-high chain-link pen in the backyard, sleeps on blankets in the garage, and never barks, bites or leaves the property. The animal likes children, especially when they feed him popcorn, and never wallows in mud, Kallhoff said. He never eats table scraps (being limited to popcorn, bananas and pig feed).


Rare 'Dalmatian Looking Pony' Fighting For Life After Premature Birth

A rare polka dot pony, which appears to have the body of a horse and fur of a Dalmatian, is fighting for life after being born prematurely. The speckled foal, nicknamed ‘Rolly’ after it’s unique way of rolling over onto its hooves, is only the second British spotted pony to have arrived at Wembury Point, near Plymouth.

Born on Thursday to a chocolate mare and a father just as spotty as he, the foal has found himself at the centre of attention for more than just his unusual fur after being born prematurely. Tiny Rolly is receiving round the clock care from National Trust head ranger Simon Garner and his team, which have nursed the foal through the night.

A Space-Saving Bunk Bed for High-Rise Pets

When mother and daughter duo, Adrienne Shamie and Lorraine M. Shamie, hit the shops a few years ago in search of a nice dog bed for a family Yorkie named Hercules — who was to inhabit their cousin’s small (but nice) Manhattan apartment — they found only beds of Herculean and hideous proportions.

“We shopped and couldn’t find anything — there was nothing befitting her apartment,” Lorraine . “We wanted a piece of furniture that would blend into the home. There was a void in the market.”So they decided to fill it, with pet furniture that was suitably stylish, compact and affordable. “We wanted something that would enhance the home” and serve not just as a pet bed but as “a beautiful piece of furniture, too,” says Adrienne, whose husband is in the children’s furniture business.