Bo Obama Valued At $1,600

They say that pets don’t make good gifts, but in this case we think the Obama family came out on the winning end. According to the President’s own financial disclosure forms, his “welcome to the White House” gift — Bo the Portuguese water dog — is valued at a whopping $1,600.

The world-famous “Portie” was a gift from the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and his wife Victoria last April, who also adopted one of Bo’s litter mates. And even thought the President didn’t actually have to shell out the cash himself, White House protocol dictates that he disclose all of his gifts and their financial value.

So is $1,600 a good price for a purebred Portie? While we don’t know if the figure represents the actual price that the Kennedys paid for Bo, or rather an estimate by the President’s accountant, that price tag isn’t quite as high as it may seem. In fact, Bo was on the discount rack when the Kennedys scooped him up.

Although Bo’s breeder was quoted as saying that she doesn’t consider him a rescue dog, Bo had originally been placed with a family in Virginia and was later returned to the breeder.

After scouring the web for a Portuguese water dog puppy, it appears that $2,500 is the average going rate for a pup that comes from “champion lines.” Of course, it’s hard to determine if the Obama effect has driven prices up for these allergy-friendly dogs. Just like with the Labradoodle craze, Porties are a breed that skyrocketed from semi-obscurity to super fame in an extremely short period of time.



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