Celebs Take A Stand Against Puppy Mills

We all know about the dangers and horrors of puppy mills, and hope that sooner rather than later, they come to an end. So the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recently recruited some celebrities to help spread the message, as they promoted the upcoming season of television shows in New York City.

Katrina Bowden (30 Rock), Jesse Metcalfe (Chase) and Heather Morris (Glee), among others, signed a “Stop Puppy Mills” poster and even filmed video spots urging animal lovers to “make adoption your first option.” Reality stars Alex McCord and Nigel Barker lent their names to the cause, as well.

The HSUS Stop Puppy Mills campaign works to crack down on puppy mills through public policy, investigations and humane education. Throughout the past two years, the organization has helped shut down 24 mills and rescue more than 5,200 dogs.

# Want to be sure you never inadvertently support puppy mills? Follow these guidelines from the HSUS:Never buy from a pet store; virtually all puppies in pet stores come from mills.

# Be wary about purchasing dogs over the Internet, especially when you’re not sure of their history.

# Don’t buy a puppy without visiting the breeder in person. You should see where the puppy was born and make sure he or she has been well cared for.

# If you do buy from a breeder, do your research! Check out the HSUS’s tips for finding a good dog breeder



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