Newly Uncovered Dinosaur Had Longest Horns Of All

A group of US paleontologists said Friday it has unearthed a new species of dinosaurs standing some six feet tall and weighing up to 4.5 tonnes, with the longest horns of all.The 72-million-year-old herbivore, now named Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna, has two large horns above its eyes measuring up to an impressive four feet (1.22 meters) long — the largest of any other species, providing fresh insight into the history of western North America.

Scientists uncovered fossils belonging to both an adult and a juvenile of the rhino-sized tubby creature at the Cerro del Pueblo Formation in Coahuila, Mexico. It measured about 22 feet (6.7 meters) long as an adult, standing six to seven feet (1.8 to two meters) tall at the shoulder and hips.”We know very little about the dinosaurs of Mexico, and this find increases immeasurably our knowledge of the dinosaurs living in Mexico during the Late Cretaceous,” said the study’s lead author Mark Loewen, a paleontologist with the Utah Museum of Natural History.

His team is to release a book next week detailing the find, which took place during expeditions in 2002 and 2003 in the Coahuila desert. The study was funded by the National Geographic Society and the University of Utah.When dinosaurs lived in this corner of Mexico, it was a lush, humid estuary where ocean water mixed with fresh water from rivers, similar to the US Gulf Coast today.


Once Abused, 700-Lb. Pig Loves To Cuddle

She’s no miniature pig, this one.Lisa weighs 700 lbs. and is probably going to get a bit bigger, but don’t let her size fool you. She’s just as cuddly as a tiny teacup piglet. Anyway, what’s not to love about lots more belly to lay on?

This giant-sized cuddle bug has lately been spending her time relaxing on a 55-acre spread in Oregon, eating apples and oranges and bananas, along with her favorite treat ever, peanut butter sandwiches. But the days weren’t always so sweet for Lisa.

In her previous life, the 1-year-old pig was abused and locked up on a Washington farm. Her owner, a farmer who planned to eat her, apparently didn’t like that Lisa would walk down the road to visit some horses, so he hit her in the face with a two-by-four.

Sydnee The Dog Can Count From 1 To 10!

It was just another afternoon at Maxine Davis’s house. She and her husband were sitting in their living room, watching TV. Out of habit, and somewhat distractedly, Davis gave one of her two Australian shepherds a piece of kibble as a treat.

The 6-year-old Aussie, named Sydnee, took the treat, and having much enjoyed it, hoped to get a little more. So she stared at Davis for as long as she could, but when the TV seemed to be winning the battle, Sydnee barked. Twice.”I didn’t think about it, I’m watching TV,” Davis tells “She barks again! Three times! She was adding. I thought, well, maybe this dog can count.”

Sydnee had everyone’s attention. After giving the dog another piece of kibble, and realizing that she was adding one bark to the series with each new piece, Davis and her husband thought they could do something with Sydnee’s nascent math skills.Davis practiced counting with the dog for about a week before the dog fully mastered her counting and learned to count from 1 to 10 (she can now bark a number on command). Will she learn how to get to 100?