Once Abused, 700-Lb. Pig Loves To Cuddle

She’s no miniature pig, this one.Lisa weighs 700 lbs. and is probably going to get a bit bigger, but don’t let her size fool you. She’s just as cuddly as a tiny teacup piglet. Anyway, what’s not to love about lots more belly to lay on?

This giant-sized cuddle bug has lately been spending her time relaxing on a 55-acre spread in Oregon, eating apples and oranges and bananas, along with her favorite treat ever, peanut butter sandwiches. But the days weren’t always so sweet for Lisa.

In her previous life, the 1-year-old pig was abused and locked up on a Washington farm. Her owner, a farmer who planned to eat her, apparently didn’t like that Lisa would walk down the road to visit some horses, so he hit her in the face with a two-by-four.

That’s when the Whatcom County Humane Society intervened and took Lisa away, finding a home for her in Oregon at Sanctuary One, a care farm in Applegate Valley. There, Lisa has her own enclosure, where she can put her rooting tendencies to work. They also plan to dig her out a big hole so she can lay in the mud.

Sansa Collins, the sanctuary’s manager, says that the pig shows no residual signs of having been abused. “Animals are so resilient, they don’t hold a grudge,” Collins tells. “She’ll follow you around all over the place.”The other thing about Lisa? She loves belly rubs. She really loves belly rubs.”If you reach over and gently touch her belly, she just topples over, going ‘Ahhhh, rub my belly,’ ” Collins says. “She just falls right over. And that’s a lot of pig.”



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