Petrol Gives Dogs Vitamin-Fueled Hydration

You’d be surprised to find out how little I know about pet products. Given that all I do all day is think about animals, my dog Ethel, and what I can do to make her happier and healthier and fresher-smelling, you’d think I’d be more au courant about this stuff.It was only this weekend when I walked through the showroom at the NYC Pet Show that I found out that people make yogurt treats for dogs, and freeze-dried raw food, and even a painting kit for pets — like, bring out your pet’s inner-Monet-type painting kit.

If you didn’t think in your wildest imagination that anyone would ever make fill-in-the-blank for pets, they probably have. Add to this now endless list of products something called Petrol, Fuel for Dogs.

It isn’t actual fuel, but a beverage that has been infused with vitamins and flavorings that are supposed to be a healthy treat for your dog. And, your dog is supposed to prefer four times to water, according to the maker. Okay, I’ll bite — or drink, or give to Ethel to drink, seeing as how it’s not intended for human consumption.

How did she like it? I’m not sure that she did. I popped open the Red Bull-esque aluminum can and poured some yellow, meaty-smelling stuff into a bowl. She took a sniff, hesitantly put out her tongue to taste, and never went back for more.

Now, this is a dog that will inhale anything that in any way resembles food, but she’s not always into drinking water. It’s possible she might be picky about this one thing, and that every other dog out there will gulp Petrol down, but given that a 12-pack is $36, I’m not sure I’m ready to keep trying. In conclusion, I can’t say anything conclusive about Petrol’s beneficial effects on a dog’s health, but I can say that it wasn’t for Ethel.

I wanted to believe in it, I really did. If smartwater can almost convince me that drinking special H2O will give me the body that Jennifer Aniston has, maybe I can someday convince myself that Petrol, Fuel for Dogs will do something for my Ethel. Now if only I could get her to drink it.



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