Red Rain Boots Make Clive One Mod Mini Pig

A miniature pig named Clive has sent shockwaves through the swine style community with his choice of bold footwear! A resident at the Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, the little pig’s keeper thought dressing him up in cherry red wellington boots would be a good training exercise for Clive, who will one day be adopted by a family.

“Miniature pigs are sold only as pets,” Chris Murray explains “and therefore we know that, as all pets are, they will be played with … its important that nothing particularly worries them or gets stressful.”

So they picked up the adorable red boots — originally made as accessories for a Paddington bear stuffed animal — from a local toy shop and Clive tried them on for size, and a photo op was born.

“Being a little fellow and more sensitive to having wet feet he was quite happy to pop two ‘bears’ of boots on,” says Murray. The mini pig was perfect for this little experiment because most have a “gentle character, easy going attitude,” he adds.

Is the trend catching on with other pigs at the farm? “No, being bespoke footwear they are rather expensive and also fashion, it changes so fast,” jokes Murray.



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