Musical Concert For Dogs In Sydney

here’s a saying “It’s a dog’s life.” Well it was on Saturday when the Sydney Opera House came alive to the sound of high-pitched music and howling dogs.K-9 lovers walked their pets to an open-air concert for dogs.

Organizers estimated about 1,000 dogs showed up to enjoy the free music concert.Acclaimed American musician Laurie Anderson wrote a 20 minute piece for the occasion.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were there.”I’m a music lover and I go to lots and lots of concerts and I thought he might as well too.”Anderson performed with fellow musicians at the free concert as part of the Vivid Live festival in Sydney.While dog owners could hear the music, some of the strange tones and high pitches were certainly geared for the dogs to appreciate rather than their two legged owners.

[Dr. Geoff Golovsky, Veterinarian]:”It’s fantastic, it’s great! It’s a testament to Laurie and her reputation and the organizers of the event. It’s fantastic and there’s been no problem with the dogs. Everyone’s been responsible.”

Anderson appeared to enjoy the day and was very happy with the turn out, especially as it was a special occasion – her birthday.



Red Rain Boots Make Clive One Mod Mini Pig

A miniature pig named Clive has sent shockwaves through the swine style community with his choice of bold footwear! A resident at the Pennywell Farm in Devon, England, the little pig’s keeper thought dressing him up in cherry red wellington boots would be a good training exercise for Clive, who will one day be adopted by a family.

“Miniature pigs are sold only as pets,” Chris Murray explains “and therefore we know that, as all pets are, they will be played with … its important that nothing particularly worries them or gets stressful.”

So they picked up the adorable red boots — originally made as accessories for a Paddington bear stuffed animal — from a local toy shop and Clive tried them on for size, and a photo op was born.

Endangered Crocodiles Hatched In Cambodia

Cambodia – Conservationists in Cambodia are celebrating the hatching of a clutch of eggs from one of the world’s most critically endangered animals, the Siamese crocodile.Thirteen infants crawled out of their shells over the weekend in a remote part of the Cardamom Mountains in southwestern Cambodia, following a weekslong vigil by researchers who found them in the jungle.

Experts believe as few as 250 Siamese crocodiles are left in the wild, almost all of them in Cambodia but with a few spread between Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and possibly Thailand.The operation to protect and hatch the eggs was mounted by United Kingdom-based Fauna and Flora International, for whom conservation of this once-abundant species is a key program.

“Every nest counts,” program manager Adam Starr told Associated Press Television News. “To be able to find a nest is a very big success story, to be able to hatch eggs properly is an even bigger success story.”The nest, with 22 eggs inside, was discovered in the isolated Areng Valley. Fauna and Flora International volunteers removed 15 of them to a safe site and incubated them in a compost heap to replicate the original nest. They left seven behind because they appeared to be unfertilized.

Kristen Stewart: "I'm a Crazy Cat Lady"

Forget what you’ve heard about Kristen Stewart’s rumored romance with “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson; the 20-year-old starlet only has eyes for one guy, and he’s got four legs. (But no, he’s not a werewolf.) Stewart is “obsessed” with her cat,

Stewart claims her life isn’t nearly as glamorous as all the red-carpet appearances make it seem, telling, “I’m so boring. No I am. I sit in my house with my cat. I’m a crazy cat lady, just give me a couple of years. I have one cat but I’m obsessed with him.”

Dog Whisperer To Divorce, Dog And Family Reunite, And More

Dog Whisperer and Wife Split
Cesar Millan and his wife, Ilusion, have decided to call it quits after 16 years of marriage, the trainer and TV host said on his website. While he states that they’ll both remain committed to parenting their two-legged children, there was no mention of who will get custody of the dogs.

Dog Reunited With Family After Four Years
When Cooper, a coton de Tulear, disappeared in 2006, his family feared the worst. Now, four years later, he’s been returned to his owners thanks to the microchip found by shelter workers, reports the Long Island Press. How did Cooper’s four years of freedom treat him? Aside from his coat being matted, he’s in good shape and, according to his owner, very happy to be home.

30 Pound Stray Cat Dropped Off At Local Shelter

Workers with the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society say they received quite a shock Friday when the shelter was given a stray cat like no other.According to a press release, the brown and white female tabby weighs an almost unheard of 30 pounds. The large cat was found in Watervliet and dropped off at the shelter.

Workers say they are certain the tabby is someone’s pet, as a homeless cat would have trouble keeping such a high weight. They believe her home may be near the spot where she was found.

“We’re sure someone is out looking for this cat,” said Brad Shear, Executive Director of the shelter. “She is very friendly and obviously has a home. I just hope they think to check at the Humane Society.”

Black Market For Dogs Is Big Business In Germany

Lured by lower prices for pedigree puppies, German dog lovers are turning to Eastern Europe to find their Fido. But often the cut-price pooches come with diseases and behavioral problems, and sometimes die after just a few days. Animal welfare organizations are trying to halt the trade.

The silver-gray Volkswagen van stands a little way away from the entrance to the car park, next to the bustling market in the Polish town of Slubice. The driver opens the back door of the vehicle. His freight requires some fresh air. It is whimpering.

Inside the van, there are cages stuffed with dogs. A litter of tiny Yorkshire terriers rub against each other, young attack dogs peer out between the bars of their cage and two husky puppies perch in their own feces.The driver, a Polish man, doesn’t speak much German. At least, he doesn’t speak much German when his clientele question him about the ages, origins or vaccinations of his cargo. Instead he shrugs and pulls out a packet of animal passports, certificates required in the European Union for pets crossing borders. They are obviously forged.

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