11 Big Cats Are Found Starving To Death In China Zoo


This painfully emaciated tiger is the shocking face of China’s illegal trade in tiger bones.The image of the caged animal emerged after11 Siberian tigers were found starving to death in a scandal-plagued Chinese zoo.The Shenyang Forest Wildlife Zoo, which has been closed down by police, has been accused of illegally supplying tiger bones to local doctors who use them to brew traditional medicines.

But it is not the only place where tigers in China are in danger.The image of the tiger above was taken in the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Park in Guilin City, China, where 1,400 tigers are kept in a space the size of Regents Park.A source said that tigers there are slowly starving as food rations are slashed to pay to run refrigerators keeping the animal’s body parts fresh to sell on the black market.Trade in the bones is banned – but the parts from one tiger can fetch up to £50,000 on the black market.


11 Pound Dog With Nine Pounds Of Dreadlocks


How natty are your dreads?

Psssh. That ain’t nothing compared to Buju Banton over here. According to the Rexburg Standard Journal, this dog (yes, that is indeed what this Rastafarian-Cousin-It-looking creature is) was snagged by police when a resident of St. Anthony, Idaho reported an “animal of unknown species” in her backyard.

The police contacted the local chapter of the Humane Society, who brought the extraordinarily hirsute canine to a nearby animal hospital. The staff there were able to remove nine pounds of matted hair from the 11-pound dog, although the poor, put-upon pooch had to be anesthetized in order to remove the hair from his paws. Because of the neglect, the dog will require some further medical care, and remains in the custody of the Humane Society.

Police were able to locate the owner of the dog, but he or she was found to be of “diminished capacity,” and will probably not be charged for animal cruelty or neglect, reports the Rexburg Standard Journal.