Monkeys Like Watching Television !!

Monkeys like watching television, Japanese scientists have revealed in a new study A three-year-old male rhesus macaque thoroughly enjoyed a video of a circus elephant, giraffe and tiger performing, according to scientists from 1 University’s Primate Research Institute, who monitored the monkey’s brain during the experiment.

Scientist used a technique called near-infrared spectroscopy to examine various aspects of the blood flow to the brain of the monkey while it was watching the television images The study found that when the monkey was witnessing the acrobatic performances of circus animals on a television screen, the frontal lobe area of its brain became vigorously active.

Pet Prozac To Treat Depression


Dog owners will soon be able to give their pets Prozac to treat their depression.The once-a-day chewable tablet, which tastes of beef, has been launched in the US and will soon be available in the UK after being granted a licence.Its makers say it can help cure ‘canine compulsive disorder’, which apparently affects thousands of dogs and causes excessive licking, whimpering and tail-chasing


The drug, called Reconcile, is also designed to curb the compulsive pacing, chewing and dribbling which its makers claim is a result of depression brought on by their owners’ long absences.The anti-depressant Prozac has been used to cure compulsive behaviour in humans, and works by increasing the brain’s levels of serotonin, a ‘happiness’ chemical.Trials involving more than 660 mentally-disturbed pets in Europe and the US produced improvements in behaviour within eight weeks.

Eli Lilly, the drug’s US manufacturer, said: ‘Treatment for companion animals is a relatively new area for us.’They point to research which shows that as many as 8 per cent of dogs suffer from canine compulsive disorder.Critics say gods are now being diagnosed with ‘lifestyle’ illnesses so that drugs can be marketed to treat them.Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist, said: ‘Most breakthroughs in dog behaviour are achieves by carrying a titbit and using it wisely, not by drugs.’Reconcile has now been granted a licence by the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate.However, it was first licensed in the US three years ago for separation anxiety from being left alone for long periods.

Squirrel Banned From Riding Rollercoaster


Alton Towers theme park has been forced to ban a daredevil squirrel from one of its rides as its antics pose a health and safety risk. The rodent was said to be causing headaches for operators at Alton Towers by getting in the way of improvement work on an attraction at the resort.Workers noticed it riding the revamped Sonic Spinball roller coaster as it was tested in the mornings and joining visitors who were offered an early go on it before the official opening. The grey-haired animal was also caught stealing food from the workers.

70 Year Old Tortoise Entertains Zoo Visitors With Sexual Behaviour


An amorous tortoise aged 70 has been entertaining visitors at a zoo thanks to his public displays of affection ‘Dirty Dirk’, the Galapagos tortoise, who weighs 31 stone, has been paying particular attention to Dolly, 14, and Dolores, 10.Sebastian Grant, Giant Tortoise keeper at London Zoo, said: “He’s called Dirk because he was so amorous from the moment he got here – literally minutes. “We named him after Dirk Diggler of Boogie Nights. He’s earned his name, and he’s quite willing to go as long as the girls will let him.”

Clicker Training A Cat……..Interesting


Clicker training your cat has become a very popular way of training. The reason it has taken hold to many cat owners is the fact that it is not only fun for both the cat and the owner; it is also safe and healthy. The clicker is used to identify and make known good behavior- and then rewarding it. This fits in to the concept that cats learn by experience. If something they enjoy results from their actions, they will continue to do it. If something not desirable happens, they won’t do it. Clicking training eliminates the inclination to reprimand or punish, which are both ineffective ways to train a cat.

About Clickers and How They Are Used

A clicker is simply a device, mechanical in nature and very simplistic. It makes a very distinct click sound when pressed. This sound is then used to indicate to the cat when they have done something good. Being that cats do not communicate as we do, this provides a very clear and non confusing way for us to communicate with our cats. This noise, coupled with a positive reinforcement proves to be the best way at training your cat.The difference between clicker training your cat and strictly the reward system is that you are identifying exactly why they are being rewarded. In other words, they could have done what you wanted them to do; however, they do not know exactly what they did. They could have done an unwanted behavior before the wanted behavior and think they are being rewarded for that. For example, they could have used the litter box , but jumped on the counter beforehand. If you reward the cat after they use the litter box, your cat could also associate that with jumping on the counter.