Cat Stranded Up Tree For Seven Days Because Fire Brigade's Ladder Was Too Short


A cat spent seven days stuck 100ft up a giant redwood tree, with her rescue delayed because the fire brigade’s ladder was too short. The cat, named Tiggs, shot up the tree after being scared by a dog in a neighbouring garden at her home in Buckden, near St Neots, Cambs.

Owners Natasha Moore, 22, and daughter Chloe, four, hunted for their missing one-year-old pet but only heard her cries from the lofty branch five days later. They called in the fire brigade and the RSPCA, but the 45ft ladder on the engine was still more than 50ft short of reaching her perch 100ft above ground.

Crews said it was not safe to clamber any further up the tree, and extra ladders were unsuitable.
After another two days trying to tempt her down, Natasha and Chloe were advised by the RSPCA to call in specialist tree surgeons.They sent an employee to clamber up the tree using ropes and pulleys and rescued Tiggs in less than 15 minutes on Monday, seven days after she disappeared on April 5.