Baby Elephants Bound And Beaten To Become Circus Stars


Pulled to the ground by a web of ropes, a baby elephant learns the hard way how to become a circus performer.In case the youngster doesn’t want to co-operate, a trainer stands by with one of the sharp metal hooks used to manage the animals.


The disturbing picture is one of a series taken by a former trainer which campaigners say reveal the brutal reality of how elephants are prepared for circus work.The pictures show them being dragged to the ground by ropes, chained side by side, pinned down by a hook in the back of the neck and checked by cattleprods.Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – say the elephants are also separated from their mothers by force.The photographs are being used to spearhead a campaign to tighten up laws on the use of wild beasts in circuses.

Gorilla Slaughter Sparks Campaign


of Congo save the mountain gorilla, might the gorilla return the favour?

That is the hope of environmental activists, who realise that wildlife conservation and tourism could be the key to survival for people as well as animals in a part of Africa where conflict has been the norm.

Mountain gorillas are gentle giants that range across the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. These primates are considered extremely endangered, with fewer than 720 in existence.