Kristen Stewart: "I'm a Crazy Cat Lady"

Forget what you’ve heard about Kristen Stewart’s rumored romance with “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson; the 20-year-old starlet only has eyes for one guy, and he’s got four legs. (But no, he’s not a werewolf.) Stewart is “obsessed” with her cat,

Stewart claims her life isn’t nearly as glamorous as all the red-carpet appearances make it seem, telling, “I’m so boring. No I am. I sit in my house with my cat. I’m a crazy cat lady, just give me a couple of years. I have one cat but I’m obsessed with him.”

30 Pound Stray Cat Dropped Off At Local Shelter

Workers with the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society say they received quite a shock Friday when the shelter was given a stray cat like no other.According to a press release, the brown and white female tabby weighs an almost unheard of 30 pounds. The large cat was found in Watervliet and dropped off at the shelter.

Workers say they are certain the tabby is someone’s pet, as a homeless cat would have trouble keeping such a high weight. They believe her home may be near the spot where she was found.

“We’re sure someone is out looking for this cat,” said Brad Shear, Executive Director of the shelter. “She is very friendly and obviously has a home. I just hope they think to check at the Humane Society.”

Cat Stranded Up Tree For Seven Days Because Fire Brigade's Ladder Was Too Short


A cat spent seven days stuck 100ft up a giant redwood tree, with her rescue delayed because the fire brigade’s ladder was too short. The cat, named Tiggs, shot up the tree after being scared by a dog in a neighbouring garden at her home in Buckden, near St Neots, Cambs.

Owners Natasha Moore, 22, and daughter Chloe, four, hunted for their missing one-year-old pet but only heard her cries from the lofty branch five days later. They called in the fire brigade and the RSPCA, but the 45ft ladder on the engine was still more than 50ft short of reaching her perch 100ft above ground.

Crews said it was not safe to clamber any further up the tree, and extra ladders were unsuitable.
After another two days trying to tempt her down, Natasha and Chloe were advised by the RSPCA to call in specialist tree surgeons.They sent an employee to clamber up the tree using ropes and pulleys and rescued Tiggs in less than 15 minutes on Monday, seven days after she disappeared on April 5.

Charles The Cat Makes 1,300-Mile Journey


A tabby cat named Charles made his way 1,300 miles from his home in New Mexico to Chicago. The feline’s eight month odyssey ended when he was picked up by a rescue shelter in Chicago and he is now being given a free flight home by American Airlines to be reunited with his owner.

Charles vanished when owner Robin Alex was away in New Orleans working for an anti-poverty charity.She had left a friend to look after the cat.She said: “I was crushed and I found out while I was away volunteering. I was so upset because I was in New Orleans so there was nothing I could do.”This week she received a call telling her Chicago Animal Care and Control had picked up her wandering cat as a stray and identified him from a tracking microchip embedded between his shoulder blades.

The agency’s executive director, Cherie Travis, said: “He’s in good condition. He needs a good brushing. He’s got a little bit of a cold a little bit of an upper respiratory infection but otherwise he’s in great condition.”Miss Alex, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, said she had no idea how he could have made it to Chicago.She said: “I’ve moved around a lot. It seems kind of destined that my cat would be a travelling cat.”


The Zorro Cat

The standing cat is back and he’s brought his friend.


Dog Warns Owner About Cat in Danger !!


Dogs and cats may not always get along, but in Billings, a 1-year-old Siamese cat likely owes her life to a
7-year-old pug named Chloe.Last Thursday, after Amanda Bjelland walked to the mailbox with her dog and cat, the dog came back into the house with her, while the cat, Willow, wandered around back to explore. About five minutes later, Bjelland says Chloe started crying at the back door. Bjelland let the dog outside, but she kept barking, so Bjelland let her back in.

The dog continued to bark, so Bjelland let Chloe back outside. When the barking didn’t stop, Bjelland went outside to see what was causing the ruckus. Chloe led her owner out to the fish pond, where Willow had fallen through the ice and was struggling to keep her head above water in the 3-foot-deep pond. Bjelland grabbed the cat and took her inside to warm her up.

For her persistent warning, Chloe was rewarded with a special bone. And Bjelland says the dog knows she did good.



How To Deal With Cat Dandruff


The condition of a cat’s coat is a good gauge of its overall health. Cat dandruff, characterized by a dry or oily coat with visible flakes, can be caused by anything from dry air to parasites, obesity, and serious diseases like skin cancer. Therefore, if you see these symptoms of dandruff on your cat, a trip to the vet’s office may be in order.”Many diseases show up first in the skin,” says Dr. Jean Hofve, a holistic veterinarian and author of “The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care.” “It’s impossible to diagnose skin disease just by looking at it.”

A veterinarian can analyze a cat’s skin cells under a microscope and perform blood tests or biopsies to narrow down the cause of the dandruff.”What we generally think of as dandruff is usually nutrition related. It is most common in overweight cats, and in cats eating mostly or only dry food,” says Hofve. Therefore, says Dr. Hofve, dry kibble should be reduced or eliminated. Kibble is low in moisture and will dehydrate cats and, in turn, their skin.

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