Cosmetic Surgery For Pooches …..Oh Yaa


Remember when your Aunt got a little nip/tuck done on her face in hopes of snagging that nice man at the party ? Sometimes, getting a little work done really is necessary, and there’s no better example of that than Roland, an abandoned shar pei in Australia.

You see, Roland’s wrinkles actually caused his eyelashes to turn inward and scratch his eyes, a condition called entropion which can cause blindness, reports the Sydney Daily Telegraph. This is not an uncommon problem for the breed, but, fortunately, there’s a fix — a full face lift and double eye lift at a cost of nearly $1,000, which is exactly what the RSPCA did for the wrinkly canine.

Now, Roland is considerably more adoptable because potential owners aren’t facing that major financial burden upon taking the pup home, RSPCA chief vet Magdoline Awad tells the Telegraph. Paws crossed, this means Roland’s tail, erm, tale, will have a happy ending!