Musical Concert For Dogs In Sydney

here’s a saying “It’s a dog’s life.” Well it was on Saturday when the Sydney Opera House came alive to the sound of high-pitched music and howling dogs.K-9 lovers walked their pets to an open-air concert for dogs.

Organizers estimated about 1,000 dogs showed up to enjoy the free music concert.Acclaimed American musician Laurie Anderson wrote a 20 minute piece for the occasion.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were there.”I’m a music lover and I go to lots and lots of concerts and I thought he might as well too.”Anderson performed with fellow musicians at the free concert as part of the Vivid Live festival in Sydney.While dog owners could hear the music, some of the strange tones and high pitches were certainly geared for the dogs to appreciate rather than their two legged owners.

[Dr. Geoff Golovsky, Veterinarian]:”It’s fantastic, it’s great! It’s a testament to Laurie and her reputation and the organizers of the event. It’s fantastic and there’s been no problem with the dogs. Everyone’s been responsible.”

Anderson appeared to enjoy the day and was very happy with the turn out, especially as it was a special occasion – her birthday.


Baghdad To Kill A Million Stray Dogs

More than a million stray dogs roaming Baghdad are facing destruction.The initiative has so far led to 42,000 strays being killed in only two months.Teams of riflemen and vets are trying to thin out a rogue canine population that has reached at least 1,250,000. Numbers grew hugely after the fall of Saddam because of the lawless state of the Iraqi capital.But with the streets now much safer, the authorities are trying to clear out the stray dogs.

‘We could consider this the biggest campaign of dog execution ever,’ said Baghdad chief veterinarian, Mohammed al-Hilly.Mr al-Hilly claimed the huge amounts of litter that began heaping up in the capital as violence paralysed public services had helped to trigger the problem.The cull involves 20 specialist teams each consisting of two shooters and two vets, often backed up by police patrols.The dogs are either shot or poisoned and their bodies are then taken to refuse dumps.

Stray Dogs Get Their Own Favela In Brazil

Hundreds of tightly packed zinc-roofed shacks dot a hillside slum, one of thousands of “favelas” that are home to samba stars, drug lords and millions of poor Brazilians. But this slum in the southern city of Caxias do Sul is a home for dogs, not humans.

Without enough money to build a proper shelter for 1,600 abandoned pooches, the humane organization So Ama, or “Just Love,” keeps the animals chained to an array of about 1,000 small dog houses that look like the Brazilian slums.Favelas, which are a common sight throughout Brazil’s major cities, are home to millions of urban poor and rural migrants who leave the countryside seeking jobs…

Dogs Painted As Pandas And Tigers

Pet owners have painted their dogs to look like other animals including pandas and tigers in the latest craze to come out of China. The pictures, which appear to have been taken at a showcase of painted dogs in Zhengzhou, eastern China, show crowds gathering to take photos of the bizarre spectacle.

In one picture a retriever has been made to look like a tiger, while in another a small, fluffy puppy has been painted in the style of a tiny panda. China has often been quick to adopt unusual crazes, and the latest trend for pet owners follows an American fad of painting poodles to look like other animals at dog shows.

Petrol Gives Dogs Vitamin-Fueled Hydration

You’d be surprised to find out how little I know about pet products. Given that all I do all day is think about animals, my dog Ethel, and what I can do to make her happier and healthier and fresher-smelling, you’d think I’d be more au courant about this stuff.It was only this weekend when I walked through the showroom at the NYC Pet Show that I found out that people make yogurt treats for dogs, and freeze-dried raw food, and even a painting kit for pets — like, bring out your pet’s inner-Monet-type painting kit.

If you didn’t think in your wildest imagination that anyone would ever make fill-in-the-blank for pets, they probably have. Add to this now endless list of products something called Petrol, Fuel for Dogs.

It isn’t actual fuel, but a beverage that has been infused with vitamins and flavorings that are supposed to be a healthy treat for your dog. And, your dog is supposed to prefer four times to water, according to the maker. Okay, I’ll bite — or drink, or give to Ethel to drink, seeing as how it’s not intended for human consumption.

A Flavorful Power Drink Just For Dogs


After Brian Fate came home from a hot day at the park and reached inside the refrigerator to grab a cool Gatorade, he looked at his over-heated chocolate Labrador/sharpei mix, Ophelia, and thought to himself: “Why do dogs only get tap water? Ugh.”From that thought comes Dogdration — the first flavored, vitamin-enhanced premium dog water beverage.

Made in Santa Cruz, Calif., and launched in December, the all-natural 100 percent human-grade peanut butter flavored drink is allergen-free and laced with ginseng for vitality and health, glucosamine for hips and joints, brewers yeast for skin and shiny coats, and electrolytes for hydration.

“It’s interesting to see different dogs react to the drink,” says Fate, who studied natural resources, recreation and tourism at Colorado State. “They’ve never smelled anything like it in their water bowls and some will dive in and lap and lap and lap it up; others come to it a bit more tentative. ‘What’s this treat smell?’ they say. It’s kind of cute.”

Q: Why is it Dangerous for Dogs to Eat Chocolate?


A: Many pet owners come to me with questions about dogs and chocolate. The topic is especially timely now, when Halloween candy is in so many homes across the US. During the holiday season in general vets see an increase in visits from owners whose dogs have ingested chocolate simply because there tends to be more of it lying around the house. The reason we see chocolate ingestion more in dog than cats is because dogs will often eat anything that smells good whereas cats are more picky.


Can You Give a Dog Ibuprofen?


A: Ibuprofen is not labeled for animal use and should not be given to your dog or cat. Many people think it’s safe to give an animal any medication that they take themselves, but this is not the case. Even if an animal is in pain, giving human pain medication to your pet can actually do more harm than good.

I’ve met many pet owners who have given their dogs Ibuprofen to relieve the pain of arthritis. However, large dosages of this pain reliever can be toxic to dogs.

It’s very important to always discuss any concerns about your pet’s health with your veterinarian instead of giving your pet drugs yourself. Administering drugs yourself, though probably well-intentioned, is never a good idea.


Q: Is it Dangerous for Dogs to Eat Apples?


A: It is not dangerous for dogs to eat apples. In fact, I give my dogs an apple whenever I eat one and they love it. Apple seeds, however, contain cyanide, which is toxic to dogs. But do not be alarmed if your dog ingests a few apple seeds or even an entire apple — your animal would need to ingest a very large amount of seeds for it to be a danger.

In general, dogs can safely consume most fruit with the exception of grapes and raisins. Though the reasons are unknown, ingestion of grapes and raisins can cause renal damage in dogs. Note though that some dogs can eat all the grapes they want and see no negative effects while others get sick. Some reports have also shown the consumption of star fruit to be problematic for dogs. If your dogs eats any of these fruits, be sure to consult your vet to be safe.

Your Pet Could Be Allergic To Her Food


One day your cat is minding her own business, sleeping peacefully atop the laundry basket or terrorizing the dog. The next, it’s scratching like mad. Fleas are an obvious suspect, but not the only one. Food allergy is “quite common in cats,” Christine Bellezza, a veterinarian and the co-director of the Feline Health Center at Cornell University,

Itching is the number-one symptom of food allergies, especially around the face, paws and ears, according to Other signs include ear infections, hair loss, and small bumps on the skin. Less commonly, food allergies can also upset a cat’s stomach, causing diarrhea or vomiting, says Bellezza.A food allergy can strike cats of any age, though they’re rare in very young kittens, according to Bellezza. “Usually they develop an allergy to a food that they’ve been eating for a long period of time,” she says.

And that food can be just about anything. “What we see most commonly are allergies to fish, beef, dairy products, wheat, corn, and soy,” Bellezza tells Paw Nation. According to, beef, dairy products and wheat account for two-thirds of all cat food allergies.

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